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We've been selling dorm safes since 2007 and there is good news and bad news. The bad news is any professional thief is going to be able to break into any safe you can buy. They have tools that break locks and hinges. The good news is that professionals are rarely seen on campus. When they do come they make headlines, but there are 16,000,000 college students in the US and not very many spectacular burglaries. The college thief is a "shoplifter". They will take what is easily available, and it happens a lot. 1 in every ten students. That is 1,600,00 thefts. That's a lot of shoplifting. In addition, NPR recently reported that 1 in 4 entering freshman will take prescription medications to campus. That's a lot of medicine. You can protect yourself from theft with our Dormvault. It is more important to have a well designed, easy to use safe than a heavy steel box. That is why we make our safe from a moldable plastic. The same plastic used in football helmets. You can design it with shelves and It is easy to install and easy to use. You may notice that there is a particularly negative review of our product on Amazon. That gentleman, an IT professional, never used our safe. He wrote the review after he opened the box. He wanted a heavy steel box, He undervalues plastic, the lock and particularly the bracket which allows our Dormvault to be put in out of the way places. We have sold well over 100,000 safes and we don't receive bad reviews from people who use our safe. We get emails for replacement locks and brackets. We don't get emails about theft from people who use our safe. Our Dormvault is designed to stop the "shoplifter"and it works.

if the Dormvault goes, the bed must go too.

you have a 1 in 10 chance these will be gone one day

Engineered polycarbonate lock cover presses the door shut.

installs easily without tools

adjustable trays provide flexibility and convenient access.


Modern Design

Dormvault outshines traditional safes with a refined sleek vertical design using a simple form with subtle added dynamics such as a sensible use of color, material changes and surface textures. The mixture of surface textures makes the product look more crisp and elegant.

Door ribs provide added strength.

Much in the same way an egg carton gains strength from its shape, the ribs on the door of the Dormvault provide strength and rigidity to the door. This design is actually stronger and more effective than just increasing the thickness and weight of the door.

Integrated hinge strengthens the door.

The hinge can be a weak point that can undermine the strength of a safe and allow access to its contents. Instead of the traditional piano hinge, the Dormvault hinges molded into the door and frame of the body providing a lower profile and added strength. Instead of relying depending on the strength of the rivet points fastening the piano hinge our hinge is a fully integrated component.

Bracket secures Dormvault to furniture.

The Dormvault bracket fastens with carriage bolts. The square head at the top of the bolt fits into the rectangular slot in the bracket. It cannot be turned from the outside. The bracket has a recessed V shape that accommodates round posts and a L shaped center for bed frames and shelving. The bracket design allows it to pivot 90 degrees so it can be used on both horizontal and vertical posts. A security cable is also included when a bracket installation is not feasible.

Functional Interior design

The bracket bolts or security cable attach on the inside of the safe with wing nuts. No tools are required. The Interior door pocket holds tablets, readers, documents, Adjustable shelving can be placed in 1 of 5 slots that allows you maximize the storage space.

Available Security Cable

The Dormvault comes with an optional security cable that can be secured to any large object when the installation of the bracket is not an option. The cable eyehole creates a loop. The loop is then attached to the Dormvault by putting the second eyehole over a 1" carriage bolt and wing nut that are attached to the safe through the mounting hole on the back.
I bought this for my daughter's dorm room and we attached it to her bed. Plenty of room for her cell phone, camera, wallet, id's etc. She doesnt have to worry who comes in and out of her room because her valuables are safe in her safe! Clever idea that is very practical. Easy to attach to bed frame.

Satisfied Parent

Dorm vault seems to be an affordable way to keep stuff safe. No tools to install but it would take tools to steal it or get it open(Mount it wisely! Not that it can be slid off a post.). I didn't try of course but it doesn't look like it would be easy. Combination lock so no key to loose or lock to pick. I'm satisfied!

Comment after installation

I just wanted something to lock away Medications from grandkids. I didn't want anything expensive or to large. It also has a combination lock,so I don't have to worry about keys. Worked out great

Uses at Home

This is perfect for college students (or anyone else) who would like a safe place to keep small valuables (coins, wallet, MP3, IPAD, etc). Let's face it, if someone really wants something, they will find a way, but as my brother says, this will keep honest people honest---won't tempt them. The kid we bought it for loves it and his roommate's Mom went out and bought one for her child too.

Parent Comment

This is a great idea. I gave it to numberous college bounds kids for graduation. Everyone thought it was a great idea. My 16 year son even asked if he could get one for his room for his personal items.

Recommended for a Graduation Gift