Meet Steve Huber

The founder and owner of Dormvault

We founded Dormvault based on our technical knowledge of safe design that we developed for self service carwashes. Those thieves came late at night and loaded with equipment so those safes had 3 inch thick steel safe heads and extra strong 10 gauge steel walls.

Dormitories are a different environment so we adapted our technical skills. We knew how to make a strong safe but it had to be designed for college life. A safe cannot be mounted to the wall or mark the bedposts. Style is important. They have to be easily accessible. College thieves are opportunistic. Our Dormvault takes away the Opportunity to take away the Crime.

Dormvault is a local Iowa business. Family owned. Our product is made in the USA. It’s a quality product and we stand behind it. A couple of 100,000 customers can’t be wrong.