For a college dorm room the best safes are for your small valuables like your passports, prescription drugs, iPhone, tablet and other small high value items.

You’re away from home and have the complete responsibility to guard your valuables and although in college you will be meeting many new people, you can’t always expect them to be as honest as you are.

DormVault - A College Safe Designed for the Dorm Room
DormVault – A College Safe Designed for the Dorm Room

Identity theft is another legitimate worry to have in college besides keeping high grades. Did you know about 26% of identity theft victims were college aged based on complaints filed in 2013, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s latest report. Why do you think? Because younger adults usually have cleaner credit history than older ones. This is why it’s important to protect yourself from thieves in your dorm room with a safe.

Believe it or not part of the freshman orientation on some campuses includes reminding students to lock doors and not leave valuable items in the open. Thieves take advantage of backpacks, phones and tablets when those items are left unattended.

“Many times, the students have a false sense of security in our environment,” says Lt. Cameron Wassman at the Central Michigan University Police Department in Mt. Pleasant.

College students need to be more aware of the risks of ID theft. A small safe for a college dorm room is not a bad idea, as long as it is bolted down or attached to a chain.


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