Design Goals:

  • Express a higher value than traditional safes through new material usage and form.
  • Target a refined sleek design using a simple form with subtle added dynamics such as sensible use of color and material changes.
  • Mix surface textures to create a subtle dynamic that makes the product look more crisp and elegant.
  • Keep the design affordable by sensibility to cost of materials and manufacturing processes.

Exterior Design Concepts

  • The top inset panel stylistically is a nice detail for the over-all form, and provides an out-of-plain sight color pop and surface texture change.
  • The vertical ribbing adds a more robust quality to the sleek form. The ribs suggest strength as they mimic bars on a jail or cage.
  • Subtle use of a secondary color in a less visible location creates a more refined and intriguing design that creates separation between surfaces.
  • Provide alternative functionality for the top to serve as a shelf for small items.
The Design

Interior Design Concepts

• Color pop and surface texture of the door pocket and shelving build on the stylistic design of the exterior.
• Adjustable recessed shelves enhance ease of use. Items won’t spill when door is opened.
• Ridges on the rear panel provides strength to offset the torque force of the bracket bolts.
• Four bracket holes on back allows placement on vertical and horizontal posts.

back bracket

Bracket Design Concepts

• Mounting bracket uses rectangular slots that lock the carriage bolt head into the bracket.
• Mounting bracket can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.
• Mounting bracket V shaped indentation supports round posts
• L shaped bracket center allows for mounting on bed frames and shelving units