Dormvault’s is happy to feature outstanding businesses offering products and services to the folks that live in dorms and apartments on college campuses. This feature is about sourcing your dorm essentials from out of Cheektowaga, NY. – The College Dorm Supplies Superstore

Dormvault believes that is the best retailer for college dorm essentials! They began as a wholesaler of dorm supplies to “big box retailers.” Frustrated by the “big company mentality” shifted gears. Customers want the lowest price, a wide selection and innovative new products. They knew they could do a better job so they opened their own store,

logo carries the dorm essentials you need to start college out right. They have over 4,500 products designed for college dorms. You will find Twin XL Bedding, college trunks, dorm organizers, dorm safes and special décor items. Your college dorm room will feel like a home away from home.’s wide variety of products are expanded by the dozens of options. Colors and patterns are offered in each category to create the perfect look. You will have the comforting, relaxing environment you need to study, sleep, and just hang out with friends.

College Dorm Checklist


DormCo has created the new Ultimate College Dorm Checklist. With 4,500 products on’s website and a long list of dorm essentials you need for college, it can be hard to know where to begin. The Ultimate College Dorm Checklist has everything listed out that you need. You will find ideas and tips that you may overlook to keep you organized during this chaotic time.

College Gift Registry


Don’t forget to take advantage of the DormCo College Gift Registry. Throughout this chaotic and exciting time, friends and family are going to be asking what you need for your college dorm room. Fill out your College Gift Registry at with the items you want in the colors you want. Then text your friends and family the link. They will be pleased to give you something you need and your dorm shopping will be made easier.

Dormvault Recommends Companies We Believe In

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