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we don’t have a theft problem at our college




meeting the vice president of finance

Shortly after we started making Dormvault‘s I approached the Bookstore Manager ( Jane ) at a local private college. The college had an enrollment of 3,000 students and 1,400 students lived in dorms on the campus. We talked about selling Dormvault‘s in the bookstore, but also discussed placing them in the dorms. This led to a meeting with the Jane and the Director of Residence Life ( Tom ). He liked the idea. A second meeting was held with the Jane, Tom and the Director of Campus Security ( Dick ). He also liked the idea. He said it would be a particular help to international students who carried large amounts of cash. At the end of the meeting Jane, Tom and Dick said the next step would be to meet with the Vice President of Finance ( Paul ).

I set the meeting up with Paul. Jane, Tom and Dick would be unable to attend but I felt good that they supported the idea of putting a safe in the student’ dorm rooms. I was ushered into Paul’s office and I introduced the Dormvault. Paul’s immediate response was,

“We don’t have a theft problem at our college and I don’t want our parent’s to think we have a theft problem.”

I was out the door in less than 5 minutes. No further discussion was required.

if you say you have a problem; but don’t want people to know; then maybe you don’t have problem


we’re no worse than them, and if they won’t admit it, why should we

School administrators are in a tight box. There is a fierce competition for new students. The students and their parents are hyper-critical of all aspects of each college’s academics and their student’s life on campus. Theft happens, but not everyday. A common response is yes, we had a theft, but our campus is still very safe. It’s a catch 22. Theft happens but campus security officers know that when it comes to enforcement, not a lot can be done when it comes to covert crimes like theft. They also know most people’s fear of crime is far out of proportion with their risk of crime. So, like many things in this world. If you ignore the problem, maybe it isn’t a problem.


I know theft is not a problem, wink, wink, but maybe I should have a Dormvault anyways

Campus security officers know that theft will increase if more targets become available. Some individuals plot thefts well in advance for items that they feel they need, while others are willing to steal property only if items are left out in the open and unlocked. “A lot of crime is based simply on the fact that the opportunity presents itself […] They’re willing to commit a crime, but they’re not committed to committing a crime. Let Dormvault help you protect your property with a dorm safe! Check our their website today! Secure your belongings with a Dormvault. You will be able to declutter your life. Concentrate on your studies. Have fun with your friends.  Your valuable items are lock up. No more worries.

FYI. This  article paraphrases ideas from an interview with Frank Cormier, professor of sociology and criminology at the University of Manitoba.