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keep your door locked at all times – really?

Dormitories may seem like a fun, safe environment, but it is important to make sure to lock your door whenever you leave your room in order to protect your belongings and keep your dorm room safe.

Always lock the door. If you’re stepping out for even a couple minutes make sure to lock up. Never give your key or a copy of it to another person, and if you lose your key, have the lock changed as soon as possible. If you’re going to sleep, do not leave the door unlocked for your roommate. They should have their own key and follow the same rules for safety


There you have it. Advice from the top 3 links when I googled Dorm Safety Tips.

College dorms are generally speaking, very safe environments. They are also social, friendly, communal environments. How social, friendly, and communal is it when everyone is in their room behind locked doors? Well, thank goodness, this rarely happens and if you happen to be on such a floor or wing of a dorm I’m sure you are looking for a way out. The practical, real world situation does not fit the expert’s advice. You get to choose. Hang out with friends, leave your door open, run down the hall for a few minutes, or close that door and lock it tight. You’ll still get your text messages.

If you leave your room unattended someone may take your stuff. True. But is the only answer a 24/7 lockdown. Campus security officers know that theft will increase if more targets become available. Some individuals plot thefts well in advance for items that they feel they need, while others are willing to steal property only if items are left out in the open and unlocked. “A lot of crime is based simply on the fact that the opportunity presents itself […] They’re willing to commit a crime, but they’re not committed to committing a crime. A more prudent solution may be to get a room safe so you can lock up those valuables that people might take.


Dorm Room Security Products

Freshmen don’t always have the luxury of knowing who they will be rooming with. In order to protect against this uncertainty you may need some dorm room security products such as room safes, insurance, and laptop locks to keep your things safe. Room safes can be as inconspicuous as a book or can blend in to a drawer without notice. Locking up jewelry, checkbooks, and other valuables when not around can deter would-be snatch and grab thieves

I promise to always lock my door, wink, wink, but maybe I should have a Dormvault anyways

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