When you shop for dorm safes you will find a striking similarity in the various products offered by various manufacturers. They’re black, they function like a bucket, they’re made in Asia. And, they weren’t particularly made for a dorm room.

Black Boxes and Buckets

black is sleek, elegant, stylish, just like the rest of the decor in your dorm room.

Black has it’s place, Formal wear, funerals. You just don’t see it used for dorm decor. Who has a black bed spread. People use color in dorm decor to brighten. For example,

The sea has always held a special attraction for me, and I love how these light blues and seafoam greens complement each other so well, especially with the warm oatmeal color as a neutral base. This color scheme definitely has a more relaxed vibe, which can make your room a welcome respite from your hectic schedule. The off-white tone of the bedding puts a fresh twist on traditionally solid or white bedspreads, and the print’s oatmeal accents set off the warmth of the room nicely. The curtains let in just enough natural light, the t-shirt rug adds a bit of fun, and the lampshades provide calm, soothing lighting perfect for studying or hanging out with friends.

valuables shouldn’t be stored in a bucket, think jewelry box.

Buckets are good for sand, rocks, water. They aren’t necessarily the best way to store your valuables. Items stacked on top of each other can get scratched. They can be hard to find. When you store your valuables, think about how people store jewelry. In trays and on shelves.


would you rather buy a dorm safe made in China or made in the USA.

Manufacturer’s make dorm safes in China because the cost less. They are under immense pressure from the big box retailers to offer large margins and low prices. Products made in the USA are more expensive, often because they use better materials and have more rigid quality standards. You choose.

Dormvault is the 1st safe designed for a dorm room.



Dormvault was designed from the start to be used in a dorm room. The upright sleek design and the use of accent colors make it an attractive addition to the room. The upright design allows for the use of adjustable shelves and a door pocket. The innovative bracket allows the safe to be mounted to furniture so it doesn’t compete for space on your desk or dresser. Or, you don’t have to get down on the floor and dig under your bed to find you safe. And… it is made in Dayton, Ohio, USA.