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3 T’s in Theft. Time, Technique and Tools.

A person that steals things ( theft ) has certain skills. Different thieves have different skill levels. We call these skills the 3 T’s. Time, Technique and Tools,



Each theft requires a certain amount of time. At the same time, there is a window of time for each theft. They have to match up. A thief can enter a dorm room, locate and remove property in less than 60 seconds. The thief knows that 60 seconds is quick enough to slip into a room unnoticed. If they stay longer, bad things might happen.  A jewel robbery from a famous art gallery may take all night. That happens to be when the art gallery is closed. If it takes longer the staff will show up. Recognizing the time required to steal an item is one of the key steps in developing a strategy to prevent theft. You have to make the theft take longer. A thief who wants in an out of your dorm room in 60 seconds does not want to spend 120 seconds in your room. Too risky. That’s the theory behind the Dormvault. If your property is locked up, the thieves know they will exceed the time limit. They will look for an easier target.



How well does the thief know their craft. Do they know what they want to steal? Do they have a place to conceal their stolen property? Do they know the best targets and the best times of day? Did they bring tools? Do they know how to use them? The professional thief has technique. It is their job. The petty thief has learned a few tricks. The amateur thief is an opportunist, much like a shoplifter and takes what is available and easy to grab. Theft prevention should be designed for the type of thief you are likely to encounter. In dorms and on college campuses the vast majority of thieves are amateurs and opportunists. If they don’t have the opportunity, they don’t steal. A much smaller percentage are petty thieves. To frustrate a petty thief you need to get them out of their comfort zone. Make them want to go somewhere else. That’s the theory behind the Dormvaut. If your property is locked up, the amateur cannot grab it and the petty thief knows they will exceed the time limit. They will look for an easier target.




Tools are the kryptonite of theft prevention. Goldfinger wasn’t stopped from stealing the gold in Fort Knox because of the mighty safe buried underground surrounded by US Army troops. He was stopped by James Bond. On a more day to day scale, electric grinders, drills and bolt cutters are going to make short work of any commercial safe on the market. You just aren’t going to stop a professional thief in the possession of power tools. The petty thief with a screwdriver, bolt cutters or crow bar may need a little more time, but given that time, they will also get into almost any commercial safe on the market. The good news is that the professional thief is a rare bird. Also in the good news category, the petty thief has trouble concealing his tools and normally doesn’t have enough time to use his tools in a dorm environment. The best news is that the amateur thief, most common in dorms, doesn’t carry tools. Ultimately, tools are one reason why renter’s insurance was invented. Much like a fire is a rare occurrence, the encounter with a tooled thief is a rare occurrence. In that rare event best protection is to buy insurance.

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