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Victor’s Vision is an after-school program for underserved youth in Chulucanas, Peru. The program began on March 22, 2010.

Through Victor’s Vision’s after-school programming, underserved children receive the supplemental academic and personal support, guidance, and resources necessary to dream and pursue their dreams through education. All students enrolled in the program receive fifteen extra hours of schooling per week, daily personal mentorship, individualized guidance toward higher education, and college scholarships to an established university. By providing these students with such a program, Victor’s Vision hopes to instill in its students the desire, confidence and resources necessary to pursue higher education.

Victor’s Vision was inspired by a ten year old boy named Victor. Several years ago, Victor came to El Albergue, an orphanage in Chulucanas, when he was abandoned by his single mother. In 2008, when Emily Felsenthal first met Victor at the Albergue, she asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Expecting to hear that he wanted to be a policeman, astronaut or famous actor, like most kids she had met, she was shocked when he simply replied that he had no dreams and no future because he was a poor Peruvian and that’s how it would always be. To Emily, this seemed utterly unfair.

Despite the deep pain and hardship Victor endured throughout his childhood, in many ways he is still just a kid. He loves to play soccer, would do just about anything for a big scoop of chocolate ice cream and, at times, can be caught singing Justin Bieber with his new brothers and sisters. He is incredibly intelligent, deeply compassionate and deserves to dream big and pursue his dreams like any other kid.


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